The Fabulous Destiny of My Phone

by Jevin On 7:29 PM

Greetings people. Today I shall talk about something I just found out about. It's not really new but it's kind of my new toy lately. But lets start from the beginning.

The story begins some years back, when I bought a Nokia 6600. It was a genius for its time. It had an Operating System, decent games (still has) and enormous possibilities because of the fact that it could install applications. The phone got from me all the love I could give.

Then came the dark period for it. With new models coming out, the phone lost its magic. I started dropping it, kicking it around and scratching the screen with my earings. No wait I scratched it on the next day I actually bought it. Anyway the phone had for long been ignored.

But today... Today folks, its magic came back. I felt like the phone was smiling. Because today, i installed an application that will change your life. (No no that's not a mistake cause my life is already changed. Now its your turn.) But you would ask me "How? My lord". And I would say "Read the next paragraph".

So today I installed an application that turned my, before dull and awesomely kicked numerous times, phone into a mouse. Yes sir. It can also do a lot of stuff like interacting with Winamp and Power Point among others. Now I can skip tracks with my mob while on my bed. I can also shut down my laptop. I can even kick your ass, but that would be illegal. Anyway this new application is tits and I would recommend it to those having a Nokia 6600, a bluetooth enabled computer and a thumb.

The application is called "Nokia Wireless Presenter".Here is the link:

Have a nice time with it. I know you are all thinking how good it would be to watch p*rn with this. Get your mind off that and do something useful. Ciao.

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  1. morinn Said,

    shit! I'm not the only one with a beauty spot in your life! :(

    and she's sexy and useful. aargh!


  2. Jevin Said,


    yeah babe there's competition out there...


  3. Manictastic Said,

    I remember wanting to buy that thing, but I did nto have to money to back it up financially. :( I want the gawddamn phone :(


  4. Jevin Said,

    lol Yeah its very useful because of the symbian OS. It's just a tad bit fat to my opinion. I wish it was real slim. :p


  5. morinn Said,

    Jev can we swap phones? :P


  6. morinn Said,

    oh and laptop too!


  7. Jevin Said,

    :u nope morinn. :u


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