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On 13/07/2007, Five Finger Death Punch released their first album, The Way of the Fist. An incredibly good performance I must say. The band actually saw the day in 2005 and the lineup hasn't changed since. The truth is all the musicians were very active before joining the band and undoubtedly, this has contributed positively in their first attempt.

The Way of the Fist has 8 tracks. The album kicks with a song named Ashes which is straight out metalcore. There is no building up just some isolated screams and after Ivan Moody (singer) yells "Bring it", the whole band kicks in. The tone of the album is pretty much set with this song... And its a hell of a journey. Next track starts straight without any real intro. The song is called The Way of the Fist just like the album. We got 2 nice solos on these first 2 songs. The third song is Salvation which has a wicked intro riff, a nice solo and great energy. These 3 tracks also have very clean and well sang choruses. But if you're into melodic singing stuff, you shouldn't miss Track 4.

Track 4 is called The Bleeding. One of their most popular songs I guess. It appeared on their first EP along with an unplugged version of the same song. The song deals about a complicated relationship (aren't they always... LOL). Well the song starts with a truly awesome and epic sounding solo. It has mostly clean vocals, with Ivan screming only during the chorus and break. The next song is A Place to Die. The same formula as Tracks 1 to 3 here, with clean choruses. The song has a nice piece of music after the solo where the guitars continue with a lick almost haunting the listener.

Next track is The Devil's Own and says "Where did I go wrong? Who was I supposed to be? No matter what I've done, you've always criticized me. Where did I go wrong? Who was I supposed to be? When it's said and done, will you remember... ". Very confused words indeed. The song is beautifully sang. It's about problems with parents. White Knuckles is Track 7 and has a great solo really lifting the song. The clean vocals are very powerful on this track. The last track is Can't Heal You. It's very melodic at times and very aggressive at others. The whole song has a very "ending song" touch to it. The solo confirms this idea. And the album ends cold turkey. Like my post.

[review to be continued]

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  1. morinn Said,

    woooh awesome review Jev. Though I know only one song, the bleeding!


  2. death punch rocks Said,

    Really good review J! But the album has 10 songs on it not 8 !


  3. Anonymous Said,

    what? The album has 10 songs tard. It does NOT stop dead turkeeeey. Great album BTW.


  4. Jevin Said,

    Yeah I kind of need to edit that review. I'll do it as soon as I manage to get the tracks.

    Thanks anonymous retard.. :D


  5. Music is surely subjective in certain cases, but in this case that term does not apply to such rehashed, derivative garbage.

    I Hyped Five Finger Death Punch on Everhype and gave it 18% which I think is fairly accurate.

    I wouldn’t mind getting some opinions on it . If you get on there, rate me a 5 & request friendship.


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