Guitar Talk Vol 1

guitar talk by Jevin On 7:29 PM
Every month I will be posting something about guitars. Here is the first volume. Have fun.

Since the 50s, people have been fascinated by one instrument. The guitar. The guitar has always been associated to cool persons. Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry have used guitars while singing and they often showed their talent as guitarist during their performances. Still today, people are fascinated by the instrument. We come across guitarists, carrying their precious instrument, everyday.

The guitar is used in most styles of music. This is because the sound it produces can be highly modified. To understand this we need to understand how the guitar is played. Basically the guitar can be used to play chords or to play solos. Singers would sing over chords, while solos are, in most cases, a way of demonstrating the guitarist's abilities.

Chords are played in a lot of songs. Listen to country music where acoustic guitars are strummed a lot. Solos are rare in pop music. If ever they occur they are usually not very complicated. Complicated solos are found in metal music. Some guitarists have instrumental albums where they show their guitar abilities. These are usually extremely hard to play material.

Now we see how the guitar can be used in different styles of music. But that's not even the tip of the iceberg. In volume 2 I will show you about guitar effects like distortion, flanger, delay etc.

PS: I hope I was explicit enough. If not just let me know, I will clarify it.

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  1. morinn Said,

    mai ke voi-je la, nest-ce pa sa diary ki mo ti done toi la?

    interessant dossier sur les guitar! wai c vrai ki bne guitar zot exerce 1 fascination lor bne dimune. lol, certain trouve li sexy tou! :u


  2. Jevin Said,

    lol Its sexy because it's got great curves. :P

    Et wi c to notebook. :u


  3. morinn Said,

    yup all women want to compete with those curves! :P


  4. MBB Said,

    Hello Jevin,we are glad to announce that we began our reviews with yours.Do check it and if you have anything you want us to change let us know.


  5. Jevin Said,

    Thanks for the review. That was nicely written.


  6. CareySaysUms Said,

    Guitars rock. It's nice to see a music blog. Cheers.


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