The adventures of Mr. Cube

by Jevin On 4:43 PM
Hey all. This week me and morinn had a nice encounter. We encountered a "thing" which was very bizarre in its shape and color. It introduced itself as Cube... Mr. Cube.. Yeah as you guessed Mr Cube is very mischievous. It did a lot of damage that day. Here are some snaps we got of him during his usual chaos making.

To be honest, this wasn't at all Mr Cube's fault. That car came straight at it and smaaaaaaaasssssssh. Mr Cube was so happy that this car smashed itself and this was what actually started Mr Cube's carnage.

Mr Cube started running after cars. It was completely in rage. We couldn't help laughing. It then landed on a car smashing the front passenger's forehead. The blood on the picture has been removed for anti gore effects.

Poor people. Their fate had fallen into the hands of Mr Cube. Actually Mr Cube is very fast and capturing the pics weren't an easy task. Fortunately morinn had her mobile phone equipped with an XVGA450 camera. Here are some misses. The final results were not very nice to see.

That's all for today morinn's scared aliens and you people reading this. Have a nice week-end ending..

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  1. morinn Said,

    twas horrible with a big H. I cried all day sa zour la! i hope mr cube won't be back again. He is so wicked!


  2. Roushdat Said,

    lol, zot sure pas zot em kine met sa lor chemin???


  3. m0rph Said,

    swa 1 blue tack caré lor vitre bus la :/

    ar nu em


  4. Jevin Said,

    LOL pa bon zot pa p croire dan Mr Cube.. lol


  5. MBB Said,

    I believe in Mr. Cube. This was a really funny farce on your part. =:>


  6. bbZuSh Said,

    Aw! dada! fer ene bonjour a Mr Cube pu me :P


  7. Manictastic Said,

    What a waste of perfectly good gum!


  8. avishen Said,

    LOOOOOOL!!!!!!! MDR!!! Mr Cube mange r zot Caré Caré!! :P


  9. avishen Said,

    LOOOOOOL!!!!!!! MDR!!! Mr Cube mange r zot Caré Caré!! :P


  10. keli Said,

    mr cube so prenom pas ice sa?
    ice cube errrrrr
    nan li plito ressembler ene marshmallow.


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