Mauritian Metal Concert

by Jevin On 9:05 PM
Feedback Mauritian BandFeedback Opening the Show

It was awesome yesterday. Morinn and me went to this concert. There were 4 bands: Feedback, Infested Maggots, Tribus and Conquest for Death. The concert was held at Conservatoire Francois Mitterand. The bands were very well prepared.

The concert was also the celebration of Feedback's 20 years of existence. Quite some time I must say. Their performance was to be appreciated. They are soo good live. May they still be here in 20 years.

Next one to take the stage was Infested Maggots. These youngsters (still in college) were completely mind blowing. How the heck can they be soo good at such an age?? The were completely at ease in front of the audience. Just as they started playing, a moshpit started in front of the stage. Between the seats and the stage, there was a like 5 metre space and there was the moshpit. It was insane. The kids really enjoyed themselves there.

Infested Maggots Mauritian BandInfested Maggots Doing their Thing

Tribus then took the stage. These guys are into old school stuff. And they played the thing perfect. I played with those guys sometime back and they are really great. Listening them do their rehearsals is like listening to a freakin CD. When they finished playing I couldn't headbang anymore. I got no photo of them, sorry, was busy headbanging.

Then came Conquest for Death. These guys from USA have great energy. Their songs are freaking fast. They did like 3 or 4 songs in 1 minute. :S:S:S:S And the drummer. Dude that guy must have a hell of endurance. Check out their photos below.

Conquest For Death In MauritiusConquest for Death

The band did put out a great show. There was a massive moshpit in front of the stage by that time. It was Brutal!!

Conquest For Death In Mauritius
I had a friend there who is epileptic. And that guy was in that moshpit. I think he started it. LOL He's fine don't worry peeps. I just wanted to show you how much people love music.

Conquest For Death In Mauritius
Oh Conquest for Death is Americano-Japanease. All the members were totally participating in the show.

Conquest For Death In Mauritius
Here are the 2 guitarists. They aren't sloppy even if they were playing in bizarre positions. It was an energetic show. The sound guys did a great job. It was perfect. Never noisy. I'm sorry those who missed it. Maybe next time.

The show must go on...

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  1. morinn Said,

    it was fabulous! though i was a bit cold in the conservatoire, ce ki explik mo gro rhume! sinon mone bien aprecier bne bands la, surtou infested! :D



  2. Manictastic Said,

    So who of you both entered the smoshpit?


  3. slasher Said,

    zordi mone guette banne clips live ki banne camarades ti filmer...Ti paraitre top, next week mo pou gagne li lor cd :D


  4. Jevin Said,

    @ manictastic

    Nope only me. Morinn was feeling sleepy. LOL

    @ slasher

    Ti ena n lekip pro ki ti filmer. Ptet li pu en vente.. Mo pu fer twa cner.


  5. parisukat Said,

    looks like you got a hard rockin time!

    Glad to know you play the guitar too, Rock On!


  6. Jevin Said,

    @ parisukat

    yep twas awesome


  7. bbZuSh Said,

    How the heck can they be soo good at such an age??

    Les genies :-P pa kav fer narien ^.^ Paret zne bien amizer selmen :P


  8. Dini Said,

    your photographs are much better than the ones i saw in today's L'express issue.


  9. morinn Said,

    week end sa, akoz nune buy nek week end kot nu zordi.


  10. Jevin Said,

    @ zush

    Wai nune bien amiz nu.. morinn ti p gagne dodo et ti p fer mover, lerla nune bizin retourner (lol coumadir ban ti zenfan la)..

    @ dini

    Thanks for informing me. :)

    @ morinn

    I love you.


  11. $€|v3n Said,

    hmm mo enkor p gagne zalou et sagrin ki mo pann kapav vini... sa post la pa p arange les choses.

    anywayz.. you've been tagged
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  12. ante Said,

    great blog man!


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