by Jevin On 8:38 PM
The other day I was at an ATM and then there was this lady and she was taking aaaaaaaaaaaallll the time in the world. It was in the morning and I had my lectures during the day. I was soo pissed and I thought, God, I know what I gonna blog about soon. So here it is. The most dangerous, vicious, vile and stupid creature to ever walk on this earth, the ATM Retard.

Before we proceed, you might be thinking what an asshole I am. Well to be honest I am. Kiddiiiing duh. In fact I am a very calm guy. The kind of "I don't mess with you, don't mess with me dude" dude, but these ATM Retards make me go psycho. I am not bashing illiterate or elder people. These people have problems and I recognize that. Hell, I would help them if I could, but that's not polite right?

Anyway moving on to the ATM Retards, here's how you can recognize them:
  • They stand as close as they possibly can, to the ATM.
  • They take all the time in the world. And the press the buttons like an innocent kiddo would do.
  • They often move their hips. This is sooooo irritating. There are people needing that wretched machine, so please stop dancing.
  • They would periodically glance behind and look at the queue in a suspecting manner. Yeah you got all the gold, dumbass.
  • They don't realize there's a loooong queue behind.
  • Just when you think its over, the person takes out another card from his pockets and takes 15 minutes to enter his/her pin.
  • They just wanna check their balance. Dude you should have kept track of your money when you were using that card in that casino.
  • The ATM Retard comes after you, and takes your turn, because you are polite enough to not stand 2-inch behind the one using the ATM. And if you tell the retard "I was here first", the guy would give you that really stupid punch me in the face smile and say "I just wanna check my balance". Oh and I just wanna punch you douchebag. Or once a guy said "I didn't think you were waiting for the ATM to be free". I didn't reply, but now that I think of it I should have said something like "No dude I got a premonition that God is gonna show up somewhere here, that's why I'm here. You want me to get you something to eat? I also happen to be the ATM waiter. Yeah its a new service provided by the bank". Jeez dude.
So now when you come across these guys, you'll instantly recognize them. I bet you'll laugh. Why, you might as well give em my link. Anyway its really irritating when you go through this. Okay I gotta go to the ATM now. LOL

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  1. morinn Said,

    Glad to see that while I was enjoying the cables some people were actually writing long posts!

    About the ATM retard, now I know who to punch for being late for uni on Friday! hihi


  2. Jevin Said,

    LOL yeah the best thing is that they are people in their 30s. :S


  3. m0rph Said,

    yo yo my very first comm! yeh .. unfortunately i pity those noobs at the atm. ive got internet banking and my csing acts as atm! tsssk u should try it!


  4. Jevin Said,

    Yeah i should try that one of these days. Thing is, i only use ATMs to withdraw money.


  5. m0rph Said,

    -.-! jev , ct pour rire! LOL mo casing pa vraiment ene atm .... mo ti pu conten si mo usb port ti cav spit out billets...

    internet banking la li zis pu rapel moi ki mo compte souvent vide ROFL. sinon moi oci je fais la queue comme tout le monde XD


  6. morinn Said,

    merde mone croir morph moisi. sof ki mo pa ti compren c koi csing :$


  7. Jevin Said,

    LOL mwa si mo pan compren casing. Mo bizin try internet banking la. Or better fer ban con ki met laker la servi sa. Zot va chek zot balance lor mob lerla.


  8. bbZuSh Said,

    LOLLLLLL.... m knten ki m tuzur pendroit gagne ene carte moi :p mover bez m ti pu ramasser sa... enfin, ena dimun, bizin compren oci zot. mm si as you say, they are in their 30s. Zot pa kav tro adapter ek 'technology'. Anyway, kan mm sa m ti pu gagne criz moi :|


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