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by Jevin On 11:50 PM
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Online Communities are gaining much attention these days in our small country. Everyone has heard that Facebook was banned for some days. There is also a lot and a lot of talks going on about these communities. Well The Mauritian Blog Brethren decided to chose Online Communities as their very first Theme of the Week.

Got this from:

There are different types of communities here on the Internet and each one has advantages and disadvantages. The MBB is a good example of an online community. Sites like Hi5 and Facebook are also very popular around here. These sites help us make friends and stuff. But sometimes, people badly use these sites and I recently read about a girl who committed suicide because of another guy whom she met on myspace itself.

Anyway there are a lot of good online communities, like forums for instance. There are some very nice forums around. These regroup members sharing the same passion, hobby or interest. The nice thing about these forum is that it reassures the users that they are not all alone in this world.

By the way, please check out the map above. I think its awesome. At least I had a good laugh. LOL.

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  1. morinn Said,

    lol! hmm, paret to pa ti envi ecrir sa post la! hihi but the map is good!


  2. bbZuSh Said,

    Map la toppppppp!!!! M ti lir sa zafer tifi in suicide la ek cT horrib!


  3. MBB Said,

    Thank you so much for participating Jevin! :P The map is great! Great find! Good thing you pointed out the possible dangers of online communities, to teenagers in particular.


  4. Jevin Said,

    @ morinn

    nope it took me one week to write this. LOL

    @ bbZush

    Yeah tis one wicked map.

    @ MBB

    Yes online communities can be soo dangerous to teenagers..


  5. Infinity Said,

    Map la super! Rien a dir! :P


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