Song Review : Reflect the Storm

by Jevin On 5:36 PM

Yeah people, today we gonna look at Reflect the storm. This song is the 3rd track off the latest In Flames album, Come Clarity. The song is very nice. Slow and creepy at times. Morinn really loves that song. Thats the main reason that I decided to take a look at this song's riffs.

Okay the song starts with an insane intro. I was stunned by the intro at the first listen. Its a palm mute on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th string. There's some tricky string skipping kinda stuff there.

The song is not only about the intro though. It quickly goes into the verse which is some kind of rhythm on a minor chord at fret 7 string 5 (should be E minor in Standard Tuning) and on a major chord at fret 10 string 5 (should be G major in Standard Tuning).

The riffs in this song are very good actually. That would be called quality stuff. The prechorus is very good. The 2 guitarists play different powerchords and then slides from one note to another. This makes a very good transition between the powerchords actually.

We then hear another verse and another prechorus. After which we have a chorus where one guitarist lets ring the powerchords or does a simple arpeggio and the other does a small lick. This makes up a great combination for the vocals to take us to another level. :D

Now we have another verse. After this verse, the prechorus is skipped and the band goes directly into the chorus. Once the chorus is over, the intro is sounded. This calms down everything. And this is great for the solo which comes just after. The solo is very melodic and kinda slow too.

The prechorus kicks in after the solo and is followed by the chorus. The chorus is repeated several times. And a small solo is played over. This makes it epic. The drums go on alone for a few secs before the song comes to a halt. And that's Reflect the Storm.

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  1. morinn Said,

    aaaah jm ton review! :P mari nissa! kan mo met 1 seryer ek guitar mo pou try aprane sa! fran! :P


  2. Jevin Said,

    :P waii to cav.

    its not that hard. :D


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