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Brother - Alice In Chains

Frozen in the place I hide
Not afraid to paint my sky with
Some who say I've lost my mind
Brother try and hope to find

You were always so far away
I know that pain so don't you run away
Like you used to do

Roses in a vase of white
Bloodied by the thorns beside the leaves
That fall because my hand is
Pulling them hard as I can

You were always so far away
I know that pain and I won't run away
Like I used to do

Pictures in a box at home
Yellowing and green with mold
So I can barely see your face
Wonder how that color tastes

You were always so far away
I know the way so don't you run away
Like you used to do
Like you used to do

This is a great song by Alice in Chains. It was released in 1992 on their EP named Sap. The song never featured on any of their full length albums according to wikipedia. It is, anyway, a great song. Very easy to play on the guitar too.

The lyrics was written by Jerry Cantrel, the guitarist of the band. As always the lyrics are confusing and sometimes makes no sense. We can guess, however, that this song is about his brother, who was never there.

In the first verse, the author tells us about a place where he hides. This shows that he is kind of lonely and cold. (as you would be if you were alone in a hiding place in America) "Not afraid to paint my sky with some who say I've lost my mind". To me this means that the author is not afraid to accept that some say that he's lost his mind. He is probably lost in his internal conflicts and isn't a bit worried about what others think. The last line of the verse shows how he tried to find his brother, while knowing that he may not succeed.

Then the chorus comes in. He tells his brother how he was always so far and asks him to not go away again for he knows the pain too well.

The second verse is a peace of art. He tells that the roses in the vase are covered with the blood from its thorn. These thorns are beside leaves that are falling because he is pulling them hard. Both the leaves are coming out and his fingers are bleeding.

The second chorus is the same as before except that this time he says that he will not run away like he used to do.

Ahh my favorite part. This verse gives a very nostalgic feel to the song. "Pictures in a box at home, yellowing and green with mold". Thats a straightforward way of describing old pictures. Nothing needs to be explained here. He also says that he can barely see his brother's face and he wonders how that color tastes. Yes he was thinking about how that mold would taste. This, and the mentioning of the hiding place, makes us realize that he is still a very young child.

The last chorus then comes in. And the song ends on repeated "Like you used to do".

To me this song is about a child missing his brother, who was older since there was mold on his photographs. So this goes to.. The brother that was never there...

A bientôt les enfants. LOL

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  1. morinn Said,

    I must say you're getting better with those lyrics analysis honey. The lyric's sad :( so much loneliness expressed in that


  2. Jevin Said,

    Yep its a sad song.


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