Most promising event in 2008

by Jevin On 4:26 PM
This week at MBB, everyone is posting about their "Most promising event in 2008". Well its not very much my type to tell about my wants and dreams in front of everyone, so I'll talk about something that I want. Its gonna be one hell of an event when I get it though. LOL

Hopefully this year, I will be completing my Computer Science degree. And if everything goes well, I should be starting work. This is very nice, but I live in the North and all the major companies are situated on the Central Plateau. The name says it all. Its around the center of the island.

Actually thats not very far. About 45 minutes drive. But I said drive here. The truth is, by bus it would probably take over 2 hours. This is massive because I have to wake up a lot earlier, get in the bus (which is freakin hot), deal with the pissed off bus conductor, deal with the hawker selling used batteries, deal with the heat and the incredible unprofessionalism of individual buses. Pheww that's the only thing that actually ever stresses me.

So the key word in the previous paragraph was "drive".Hmmm. Oh forget it, I'm planning to buy a car in 2008. I'm not gonna buy a new car. That would be too much money. A nice second hand car in good condition will do just fine. So I've checked the prices of cars and I've actually fallen for 2 cars.

The first one is the Nissan March K12. Its got the looks. Its girly, but unless you want to contribute to buy me a Honda S2000, shut up. Let's get on with this. Most models of this car here have got a 1240cc engine. I drove it once, and I liked it. It obeys. :P The range of colors are also very unique. I really like the green (above) and the orange. And the interior is rad. I fell in love with it. Another great thing about the car is that it does 40 mpg (miles per gallon) and this is great. This would be my first choice for my first car. Only thing is that it doesn't go for less than R300 000 (the 2002 and 2003 models). Which is $10 540 at the time I was writing. It is expensive. But that's because of taxes and stuff.

Tadaaaaaaaaa again...
Pictures from (Dude if you ever read this, your ride is awesome. Sorry for not asking permission for those photos)

I learnt driving in this car. I know you're tired of hearing people brag about their Honda Civic's performance, but hey I'm not gonna spare you. LOL Just kidding... Nothing needs to be said about this car. The models around here have a 1 493cc engine. And among all the 1.5L sedans I've driven, only Honda can actually give you the power you want. The thing is, the car has great aerodynamics for a family car. It looks small but its very spacious inside. And the engine's got 130 maximum bhp. These models date from 1996 to 2000. They usually go for like under R250 000 for the pre 1997 cars and around R300 000 for the 1999 models. It really depends on the condition of the car. Anyway its got a vicious engine and even if its 10 years old, it tears.

Not so Tadaaaaaaaaa...
Picture from

Well this is the Vitz. Nice car but its got a 990cc engine. Its really not bad for a first car, but its not for me. Its very small inside. And the car doesn't look very strong. The bumpers and the interior dashboard doesn't look like quality material. This is just my opinion, though. Also the looks doesn't inspire me in the way the Honda Civic or the Nissan March would. This car goes for under R250 000 for year 2000 models. It is a very good deal, but its not my type of car I would say.

So we looked at 3 different models. All these models are common here in Mauritius. So if I had R300 000, I'd definitely go for the Nissan March. I'd wait for someone to sell the car. LOL If I had R250 00 I'd probably beg the Nissan March owner to sell me the car for that price. He/she wouldn't accept (maybe he/she would, though) and then I'd have to choose between Honda Civic and Toyota Vitz. In that case, I would try to get a car under 8 years. I probably won't get a 2000 Civic for R250 000, so I'll have to go with the Vitz.

Great... Now I just have to finish my studies, get a freakin job and find R300 000. LOL With the Interest rates of 15% to 17% p.a, it's surely gonna be hard. But I believe it would be a worthy sacrifice.

Drop the comments now.... :P

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  1. morinn Said,

    I say woooohh! you know what I love to be in a honda, so plz plz! let it be a honda! :$ and about the CC bla bla, i didn't get a damn thing! all i care about is the color! :D


  2. Jevin Said,

    Yeah I knew that. LOL Yeah the Honda is sexier.. :P


  3. slasher Said,

    Firstly, good luck for your Computer Science Degree. :D

    Go for the Honda, because its a Honda LOL

    But personally I love the Nissan too, but a black version of it :P


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