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In times of peace, we must prepare for war. In times of war, we must prepare for peace...

This is the opening lines of Declaration, the first song on Machine Head's 4th album.. Supercharger. The song has weird noises in the background and at first listening you're like what the hell happened to my Discman (cause that's what was totally in at that time). But then the second track kicks in. And when it does, you're gonna think that this time the Discman is really gone because the intro to that song is like cacophony..

But worry not, its just the intro to Bulldozer. The song gives out a real positive vibe. Its not the most trashy stuff I've ever put my ears to, but I'm sure there's been loads of injuries in the moshpit of that song. The verse is very calm and Robb's voice is very soothing. And the chorus is angry, real angry. Good build up and good climax.

Next song, White-Knuckle Blackout!. I really like this song. Sounds melodic to me. And the part where Robb goes "Focusing closer, releasing the feeaaaaaarr" is awesome. This song's got very nice pieces of lyrics.

Adrenaline is my fuel when I've obstacle to climb

Adrenaline is the lubrication , focusing my mind
Adrenaline is telling me when someone's thinking they're too cool
To raise my middle finger up and say "fuck you"

Witty, huh?? You also hear a kind of drill in the back. You just got to hear that..

Crashing Around You comes next. Machine Head made a video for that song. I think its the only song to have a video on that album. Its a great song. Its not very fast and trashy, but its got its own kind of thing to it. At 3.12 the song gives way to another great song on that album. Its called Kick You When You're Down and its description comes right up...

The song has a unique structure. Its verse has got fast drumming, berserk riffs and rapping vocals. Unique right? But the best part is the chorus. Where Robb sings, no wait he's more like whispering "Cause they will always kick you when you're down". Each time he adds a new line to the chorus. And the riff on the chorus is a lick with some effects (including wah and flanger).

Track no. 6 is Only The Names. And this song gives me creeps.. The song is about addiction. When I listened to this song the first time, I was like "I'll never take drugs". Okay, maybe I was young and naive, but the song sends a chill down my spine. Its a slow song, but its beautifully done. There is a guitar solo at the end. Its not epic its apocalyptic... :S

I will bring you Down and break you Burn right through you Won't regret you

Supercharger is a great album. Its got all types of songs. And the way the songs are arranged is great. Some people say that this is Machine Head's worse album, but to me it isn't. Its near nu-metal. Its got all the characteristics of a great nu-metal album, but it isn't. Because when you hear these guys, you know that they are not the common boys band singing metal. You know that these guys are worth more complex guitar and drumming.

Next up is All In Your Head, which rebuilds up the speed. Its very rappy and the chorus has the Machine Head trademark harmonics. Great vibe on that song. The riffs are simple, but the song still manages to impress. I know people that liked this song best on the whole album. This used to be my favorite song on that album, during High School. The message from that song is also very bright.

"You can't see the things that make your happiness go away, well I can. It's all in your head"

I'll let you digest.

Next up is American High. This song is the story of the typical American kid getting drunk and being a loser because his home is messed up. The kid compensates by starting a band. The song has got a lot of rapping. And, maybe you wouldn't believe, its got lots of humor.

I'm that kid you tried to punk in english class Now I'm in a band and you're kissing my... Asteroids beat out homework Slayer beat out Zeppelin

This was one funny passage. "You're kissing my... Ass teriods". The lyrics to this whole song is very satirical.

Mama told me stay in school don't rock 'n roll But this is my american high

Don't worry Robb, my mum also tells me this. Haha

Then comes Brown Acid. Its instrumental. But what instrument? I'd guess tons of wah and 10 times more beer. Or Vodka with Coke as the Machine Head guys like.

Track 10: Nausea. This is a great song about people that call for help, but these same people would never lift not even their pinky to help you. The lyrics are awesome.

Every time I try to talk, you never listen You got the answers, I don't know a thing But you ask me what these lights are in my eyes

I really like the part where he says "you ask me what these lights are in my eyes". Usually angry/pissed off people got kind of lights in their eyes. I'd guess its because of some biological reactions that prepare you for fights by having glands secrete a watery substance in your eyes. Ha I just made that up. LOL

Track 11 of 14, Blank Generation. This track is also a reflection about Robb as a kid. The song has a sad touch to it.
When I was just a boy at four years old thought the world was joy

This happens to us all. We are small, naive and think that everything is rad. Then we grow up.

We learned to see all the corruption and greed All its hate, all its pain, so a toast to the end of our innocence A toast to our blank generation

This bit makes me think about the small kids wanting to grow up and do some good to save this planet. Some things can't be changed so easily... And its a pity...

Trephination comes up next. The lyrical content deals again with small Flynn (I guess). Except that this time, the words are harsher and angrier.

I used to want to take a drill to my head Let the pain out of the hole I used to want to cut the veins in my neck Cool the blood boiling my soul

When you hear a song starting with these kind of lines, you know its no-bullshit pure metal. The song deals with a perturbed growth. And its very intense. I could write words and words on that, but its better to listen to the song and judge for yourself.

At the end of Trephination the calm is back. And the next song, Deafening Silence, is kind of a love song. Well a reflection on a relationship. Its melodic at times and aggressive at others. But its not of a common aggressiveness. Robb's scream has a sad touch to it. Great song Machine Head. Kudos dudes.

The last song from the album is Supercharger. The speed builds up again with this song. There are harmonics that kind of rotate in your head. Robb's screams comes in and the guitars go berserk. You hear sounds that could be in a Bruce Willis end of the world film... Except that they come out of guitars. The song is very aggressive. My favorite part is where the drums stop and Robb says "Ohh my fucking godd!". I'll never forget the energy he gives out when saying these words.

All in all this album is great. Agreed, this is Machine Head's softest album. But its got all the qualities of a good album. Even if we consider this a nu-metal album, it would get kudos for one of the best nu-metal albums. Lyrically this album is fantastic. Among the best lyrics I've ever read. The riffs are not very complicated on this album, but they sound right. They are placed right where they should be. To me the vocals on this album is better than its predecessors. The drums sound great. Not the best drumming out there, but it merges well with the album.

So here goes my review for this album. If you got it, its definitely worth a re spin...

A bientôt peeps..

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  1. morinn Said,

    Supercharger is one of my fave Machine Head albums; it has got many songs I adore, like American High, All in your head, Trephination and Supercharger. I just love that asteroid part in American High. It's so fucking cool! hihi... Great album review hun! It would have taken ages for me to come up with something like that. :P Your passion for this album can really be felt in the stuff you wrote. Love ya!


  2. Jevin Said,

    Thanks a lot. Love you too.. I love all the songs on that album. :p


  3. Dee Said,

    the good old discman days ^^


  4. Jevin Said,

    Yepp the good old discman days. Ti p bizin aster pile le matin lor lagare.. lol


  5. morinn Said,

    mo ti p aster pile de mark a lepok! hihi


  6. nash-1 Said,

    i listened to supercharger. i think it was the first album from machine head i heard.


  7. Jevin Said,

    @ morinn

    Moi mo ti ene adepte de Tiger. \m/

    @ nash

    Me too it was the first MH album I listened to.


  8. Anonymous Said,

    where can i downlod machine head albums?


  9. Jevin Said,

    Try iTunes.. :D


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