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by Jevin On 9:18 PM
Rise Up, Rise Up
Resistance Won't Be Stopped
Rise Up, Rise Up


Yeah peeps... That's lines from Sepultura. Stay put cause I'm gonna drop some knowledge. Yeah! So you read the title right!? We are going to talk about Andreas Kisser. For those who are in doubt, this guy is the actual guitarist for Sepultura... By actual, one might think that he's joined the band lately, but no Sir.. He's been there since 1986. That's right, I was just born or about to be. LOL

The thing is, when Sepultura is evoked, one tends to think about Max Cavalera (the previous singer and rythm guitarist) or others would say that Derek Green (current singer) is a wicked vocalist. But what about Andreas Kisser? This guy is an amazing guitarist, but I get the impression that media doesn't give him enough attention.

According to wikipedia Andreas Kisser was the guitar roadie for Max Cavalera. In 1986 the previous Sepultura guitarist Jairo Guedz. His first album with them was Schizophrenia in 1987. You can read more about him on his page at Sepultura's Official Website.

Andreas Kisser does both rythm guitar and lead guitar. His riffs often have that trashy old school feel to it. Sepultura has a big Brazilian influence and this can be heard in the drum playing. And somehow Andreas manages to match this influence, while sounding metal. This influence has been a major part in Sepultura's success.

Andreas' solos often comes with some wah. He also uses a lot of 2 string bends. His sound is very reminiscent of the old school metal bands, but with a modern touch. Those who miss old school must not miss Sepultura.

For me this guy has been the sucess of Sepultura. The Sepultura sound did not change when Max left. The sound is still there. And its all because of Andreas Kisser. Keep metal dude.

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  1. morinn Said,

    I'm not a real sepultura fan (or fanette hihi) but the only thing that comes to my mind is cavalera when I hear about it. So it's good to have talked about Andreas Kisser, when I saw the name I thought it was a band! :P would have been great huh? Andre Ass Kisser. okie okie I stop here. :u


  2. Jevin Said,

    LOL that's a funny play on words.

    Yep people tend to forget the guy a lot.


  3. nash-1 Said,

    Kisser rocks, he did a long time with sepul and i like that with bands, those which do not change guitarists every now and then. dude I'm glad to see yo back to blogging. what do you think of megadeth?


  4. Jevin Said,

    Thanks nash.. I like Megadeth a lot. I didn't really appreciate their latest album, United Abominations, though.

    I'll write on them in the future don't worry.. ;)


  5. slasher Said,

    I must have a closer look at this guy.

    I'm not into Sepultura...Everyone tells me the old line-up with Cavalera is the best.


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  7. Blithe Said,

    This is great info to know.


  8. Edson Munhoz Said,

    Yes , Andreas Kisser ,,,, If you don't beliave on what he says , is fine ,, I know him , He's for real and what he says is true ...
    I know that ...
    He i'll never be a Sell/out ,,,
    Max is a sell/out and they know that ...
    If you have a chance to talk to him , remember what i say'd ...
    ''' Sepultura from Brazil '''


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