Where Am I Gonna Be Tonight???

by Jevin On 11:02 AM

Hey fuckers. Guess what?? I finished my exams on Wednesday and today's Saturday and there's a rock/metal festival. Its right near my place. Well it's like 3 km away but hey Rock Am Ring is a lot more than that.

So we got confirmation of the bands playing. I'm gonna be taking pics of the event. I'll be there early, so I'll try to take some snaps when the guys are mounting the stage. The stage is gonna be on a swimming pool. OMG! Its gonna be legendary. Yeah!!

Here's the Facebook event : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=1529271378

The bill (doors open at 5 pm):
  • Metropolis : 19h-20h
  • Feedback : 20h-20h45
  • Deepsix : 20h45-22h15
  • Humanoid : 22h15-22h35
  • Paranoid : 22h35-23h00

One last thing; the entry is free and there'll be security all over the place. So get your asses over there. And yeah of you don't behave, you'll be kicked out.

Gosh I need to behave myself now. LOL

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