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by Jevin On 10:49 AM
Hey all. You're all probably wondering what's up with the title. Now THAT'S a question. See where I'm going with this?

A lot of people ask questions to make up for conversations. And some of the time, these questions are irrelevant and really annoying... Here's my list.

What was the last movie you watched?
Like I would remember? Those who do not agree and reckon they would know the answer straightaway, answer this question in less than 3 seconds. What is the color of your underwear? The answer didn't pop up in 3 secs, right? Then how the hell am I going to remember the last movie I watched. Beats me. I watch television every now and then. I don't keep a list of 5 latest movies I have watched. No I leave that to little Facebook apps.

What time are you going to be back?
Yeah you guessed right. My mom asks me that question. And when its my friends asking me the same, imagine how I feel. Okay I understand the motherly love and that she needs to know precisely at what time to call the cops saying my son isn't back yet. But a honest answer will be "I don't know". Because I have no plans. I'm just going out in a car.

What's new in your life?
I really appreciate the thought of you wanting to know why I wasn't online for months. I have to be deadly honest to myself (for once). If something had happened to me, I would love the thought of people wondering where I was gone. It happened in the past, and its really nice. But when there's nothing new, I'm like wtf? So you say nothing, life is as it was. Buth then some stupid moron would think your hiding something. Why? Am I not allowed to NOT log in on msn (which is a shitty piece of crap btw) on my computer?

When are you going to come again?
Okay, I was just at your place. I don't usually plan my next visits. Call me careless. In fact, I didn't know I was coming at your place before lunch. So the next time, uhh I have no fucking clue... You want to plan something, call me.

Why is the show being held there? That place is far.
Far from what? From where you stay? I got news for you. The organizers do not care about you, they do not even know you and the don't give a rat's ass about your presence.

Why you never visit me?
Okay this one is simple: I don't like people coming at my place without notice and I expect that if I don't do so at your place, you will stop coming without notice.
It's okay if you want to park your car at my place. No problem with that. But when you come and you sit and you don't want to go. You know, I was running around with only my boxer before you came. Its hot. I don't have air conditioning in every room. I am sane, but I cant bear high temperatures.

Funny story, I got a friend who always asks questions, but never listens to the explanations. Its not in a rude way. He just nods lifelessly. Jeez...

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  1. morinn Said,

    LOL LOL LOL!! I love it when you're in those moods. Your sarcasm actually makes me laugh a lot! hihi...


  2. Jevin Said,

    I'm not sarcastic. I really hate these questions. It makes me use my brain too much. Haha


  3. Shah Said,


    Ah, things to remember for the convention. Do not ask Jevin questions. Allow him ask the questions and then answer :P

    [Inner Mind Theatre]

    Me: So, how long is your hair? :P

    Jev: WTF?! Do I look like I measure my hair? How would I know?

    Me: Here, here's a metre rule. Gimme the reading.

    Jev: *taking metre rule and beating me up*

    Me: Owww.



  4. morinn Said,

    lol @ Shah!! :P

    You've got a wonderful imagination. :P

    But you know in real, Jev's a really nice guy. You won't believe he has those kinds of thoughts. Usually I am the wicked one. Hihi :P


  5. Jevin Said,

    LOL @ Shah. Indeed you got a great imagination.

    Yeah I am nice and morinn's wicked. Haha


  6. nussaibah Said,

    Haha xD I wonder why this is one of the most famous questions "What was the last movie you watched?" Hate it too when people as me that :P


  7. Loona Said,

    wow t trop drole!!it's all about those things we think but never tell others.u should try something like what the Wayans bros have done!!a real show or a movie.god t mortel!!


  8. Loona Said,

    i'll remember never to ask u a question.lol


  9. Jevin Said,

    This is not a joke. Its really a list of annoying and useless questions. LOL


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