What is wrong with MTV?

by Jevin On 8:15 PM
Seriously, what is wrong with them? I'm always amazed by the stupidity of their shows.

M.T.V stands for Music Television. That's pretty much irrelevant to me. Where's the music in My sweet sixteen ("Mon incroyable anniversaire") or Tila Tequila? Okay you might say a music channel can't be music 24/7 bla bla bla. Yeah right. So how about some porn on Discovery channel, huh?

Here is my thoughts on MTV:
MTV Music - People do not only listen to Rap and Pop.
MTV Video - People do not only listen to Rap and Pop.
MTV Awards - People do not only listen to Rap and Pop. Being an American channel, they should encourage what Americans do best in music, Rock and Metal. Yeah think about it.

Really the problem with MTV is the shows. They are plain bullshit. Take My sweet sixteen. It just gives the wrong message. It teaches you that being a whinny 16 year old is perfectly normal. Heck, these kids even get what they ask for. I mean, come on... Okay your parents are filthy rich, you're a high school hero, and you need a big ass party. But why idolize this behavoir? Most people watching MTV are doing so because they got crappy satellite TV. And you're injecting your bullshit onto these kids. Great work MTV... Now every kid in America would want a $300 000 party.

Do I even need to go on with this list? I mean, "Who Wants To Work With P.Diddy?"... What kind of show is that? Most people hate work. :S It like MTV are getting out of ideas and are generating random phrases and making shows out of them. Who came up with that title???? Did he wake up and say "Who Wants To Work With P.Diddy? Man that would make a great show". Dude, you should have thrown your rings up your <censored by my mother> and gotten back to sleep.

I really should stop with this list, but I cant. Because all the shows suck, and they suck in their own way. Like Parental control... Who would have thought of this show? I mean the best way to breakup is definitely in front of your mother and father. Brilliant idea MTV.

I could go on with this list, but I need to repair my TV. Broke it with a baseball bat while watching MTV. In fact, the only show that's worth watching on that crappy channel is Pimp my ride. Its the only show where they are actually doing something productive. They may make the wrongest of decisions when choosing rims (18" rims on 60hp cars won't do captain), but the relief that there is one show you can watch on MTV totally cancels that.

Like all long posts on the blogsphere, this is where I say "this post is getting long". But I won't stop till my fingers bleed. You know what's more annoying? The repetition in their crapy shows. All MTV shows start and end the same way. Just watch any of the shows and you will see what I mean. Errm, I understand conformity and I also understand "I'm too lazy to do things differently". Gosh MTV should learn from... No wait, they should just close down.

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  1. morinn Said,

    hihihihihi, that's the kinda post i totally love!! i hate those bitches on sweet sixteen and all those stupid people on other shows. I was so excited when i got mtv for the first time and those dumbasses ruined my miserable dream. screw them for that!!
    but i love you jevi :P


  2. Jevin Said,

    Hahahaha... They they are ruining people's lives everyday.

    I love you too honey...


  3. Shah Said,

    I am glad I do not watch MTV. I am no subscriber of cable.

    From the description provided, you are right.

    Why not subscribe to a different channel?


  4. Jevin Said,

    Actually its a package. And MTV is like the least watched channel. Haha

    I like GameOne. Anybody heard of it? Its a French channel dedicated to gaming and technology.


  5. Shah Said,

    You should link this post to the BB of the TV show as well as MTV. You'll get flamed but this will increase the traffic of your blog.


  6. Jevin Said,


    Not a bad idea Shah. :D


  7. keli Said,

    jeviiinnn been a while.
    i thought the blog was dead.
    i think there used to be only music on mtv back then. *remember video kill the radio star*
    i hate my sweet sixteen, i mean could there be anything more show off? there could not.
    i love seeing americanos making fools of themselves though, its a bit like watching expression on mbc once. you know, in a way you get to feel superior, and if its the only way for you to feel superior - like for me for that matter- then its all good. viva mtv.
    i gotta admit that i love watching pimp my ride too though...please mtv pimp my ride. uh. the uk version rocks.
    but we got the worstest mtv channel i think, there is mtv rock and others.


  8. Jevin Said,

    No it ain't dead Keli. Its back on tracks. \m/

    You are right, there are other MTV's and I guess they are "better".

    And I hate the guy who presents MTV British. He's freaky. :S


  9. rambo Said,

    dudeeee that review is freakin awesome. :-)


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