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Before I begin with this review, I should give you a brief intro on the band. The Way Out Is Through (TWOIT) is a new band. They are young, they are fresh and so is their music. They are from Worcester (Massachussetts) and they just released their LP, which goes by the name of "Bandages". The guys are by no means huge rock stars, but their music is true and honest.

The first song off the album is called Endorphin. And it starts aggressively, with distorted guitars and thumping bass. But then, it all stops. And the verse kicks in. The guitars get all melodic and calm. The singer, Hudson Eakin, is almost whispering at this point. I really like how this part sounds dreamy. The melodic tone set in here is amazing. There is also a very nice transition when this calm verse transforms into a distorted chorus with Hudson screaming at the top of his lungs. This song sets the tone of the album which is not straight metal or straight mellow. It's a combination of both. And the song ends nicely... With an outro solo. Man, I love outro solos.

Second song, Source of strength, starts off with a bluesy guitar riff. Hudson abandons the clear voice for a more raspy voice here. Change welcomed, sir. This song has got some nice musical parts. The drums (Sean Corbett, Esteban Garcia) get along well with the guitars (Zach Shaw and Andy Renard) while the bass (Dan Gilbert) delivers an awesome tone.

On to the next, Necronomicon. This song reminds me of early Suicidal Tendencies. It's amazing how TWOIT manages to play so many different styles. This song has some wicked screams coming in at 01:55. Nicely done. The chorus on that song is actually pretty catchy.

I shall not fear, when I'm walking alone
My survival rate is zero, but these streets are my home
I come from a place, that's heaven and hell
Where the dead are welcome, and all is well

Ain't that good lyrics? Anyway we move on to the next song. It's called Don't care and it reminds me of early rap metal. It's actually more metal than rap. And I think its better this way. Hudson delivers some very nice vocal performance on this track.

My best shot, fifth song, starts calm. When you hear this song start, it feels so right. You know this song is going to be a hit. And I think it will. Why? Because there's some nice singing on the verse and some nice screaming on the chorus. Yeah baby, that's how we roll. It's even got a nice ending. This song is very strong. To me it's their best shot.

Sixth song, 1900, starts melodic. With Hudson's creepy cool voice over it. The voice reminds me of David Gilmour on that track. The song is very calm, but at halfway through, the drums and guitars go berserk, but the voice goes only a little bit faster. This delivers a special feel which makes the song different.

Surprise, there's a bonus track. The song has some kind of instrumental music which rap vocals. TWOIT once again nails it here. Their rap reminds me of Machine Head's rap metal period. It's the only kind of rap I can listen to.

So to end this here, I must say that this is a strong album from TWOIT. This band has got talent. They have a nice base to build up on. They are young and if they continue progressing, they'll make it far. Very far.

You can read more on the band on their official blog (free copy of the album to be had there). You can also head to their myspace page to listen to their songs online. And lastly you can scroll down and buy their albums from Amazon.

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  1. morinn Said,

    Great review. I did not know about this band to be honest and it sounds that it'll be a good band to listen to. I hope they take off and reach high.


  2. Jevin Said,

    I hope too. They have talent. Promising indeed.


  3. rambo Said,

    dudeeee that review is freakin awesome.


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