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iron maiden band
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Iron Maiden band review... Where do I even start with this? I know. Lets go some time back, to December 25, 1975. On that day Santa Claus was probably stuck in a chimney somewhere, but that's not what this is about. Because on that day Mr Steve Harris created the band later known as Iron Maiden. Little did he know that Iron Maiden would be a band to make it in the history of metal music.

From day one till the next three years, there came an era of firings, initiated by Harris himself. Some were fired because of lack of on-stage energy and charisma, others because they had different political views. Okay that last one was a joke. But hey, if you're jamming and hanging out with the same guys, you're bound to have differences. That's what's amazing with metal music. Metal bands stick together because they want to, not because they need the cash.

Time leap again. We are now in 1978 and Iron Maiden has singer, Paul Di'Anno, join the band. That same year, on New Year's Eve, the band records their first ever demo. All the five thousand copies are sold in only a few weeks. This goes to prove how much their music was appreciated.

In 1980, Iron Maiden releases their first full-length album. The album is called Iron Maiden and it ranks number four in the UK Albums Chart. Running Free and Phantom of the Opera are probably the most popular tracks from that record. The band quickly gained popularity from there. They opened for Kiss and Judas Priest in that same year.

But things are still complicated. The next year, Iron Maiden fires Paul Di'Anno for cocaine abuse. They need a new singer and they audition Bruce Dickinson and the latter joins the band soon.

1982 was Iron Maiden's year of fortune. That year they released The number of the beast, one of the most popular albums. And they sign Nickp McBrain. From that year on, Iron Maiden rises to fame. All their following albums are instant hits among the fans. They produce numerous hits and inspire countless bands. They get so famous that even their mascot, Eddie, gets his share of the spotlight. The video below shows the band playing Aces High in 1985.

Yet, in the year 1993, Dickinson decides to part with the band to pursue his solo career. This news is not well received among fans. Iron Maiden plays their last show with Dickinson on August 28, 1993.

But the band is not dead. For the next year, they audition a gazillion vocalists and they select Blaze Bayley. The new vocalist has a deeper voice compared to Dickinson and fan's reactions are mixed. During that era, The band writes Virus, which goes on to be a massive hit thanks to its catchy, almost epic, interlude.

Bayley stays with the band for five years, but leaves in 1999. The reason: mutual agreement. The result: Dickinson is back in. Yeah baby!! In that year, Dickinson gets back with the band. And he's here to stay.

From 2000 onwards, Iron Maiden releases Brave new world, Dance of Death and A matter of life and death. These three albums receive very good reviews from magazines and websites. This prooves that the band has not lost their holy grail.

Iron Maiden's live performances are still energetic. Their music is still listened to. Even the younger generations are getting into them. There are so many bands rising with totally in your face debut albums, but then their next albums are just a bunch of Celine Dion metal covers. It's nice to know that one band, Iron Maiden, has not gone soft.

iron maiden band
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  1. morinn Said,

    I had a friend who used to draw Eddie everywhere! That used to freak me out so much. I don't really like Iron Maiden, but love their tees though!


  2. Jevin Said,

    Yes Eddie is freaky. I used to love the tees too. Iron Maiden was so in during my teenage years.


  3. rambo Said,

    dudeeee that review is fucking awesome.


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