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band review by Jevin On 7:59 PM

Never heard of Hollow Sin? Don't be ashamed, cause they are new and unsigned. Hah unsigned. Only a matter of time.


The band formed in August 2008 when Andrew Lee (vocal and guitars) and Tom Goss (guitars) applied for a drummer on gumtree. The one replying to the ad was David Officer (drums). That's 3 members, which soon became 4 with bassist Harry Mitchell  joining the band in January 2009.

What they sound like?

In one word, badass. In an uncountable number of words, they are a mixture of Machine Head heavy riffs, Hetfield at its best vocals and Mustaine anger. That accompanied by epic guitar solos/harmonies to leave you having epileptic seizures on the ground.

Okay they are good. But what makes them stand apart?

A lot of things. Firstly, they are young. And having a young band trying to make it in the music scene makes the band look more credible.

Secondly, the band is true in all aspects. When you hear a riff, you hear not only the tones, but the passion behind. You can imagine the face of the guitarist when you hear a pinch harmonic. Their music lives. You can feel that Andrew is completely drowned in his lyrics. And that's something of utmost importance.

Thirdly, they stick to the working formula. I may sound conservationist and I probably am. The thing is, too many bands are not inspired enough to write catchy songs, so they come up with a kind of potpourri. But Hollow Sin really does a wonderful job in creating monster riffs but applying that same old formula that's been working for ages. Kudos to them.

Fourth, they've got solos. That's enough. You know the band is not crap if they got solos. That's my rule. No arguments.

Worth the dime?

Absolutely, in every fuckin way. The guys have got immense talent and they will be the next big thing to hit the metal scene.

If you disagree, here's the Hollow Sin myspace page. Go there, have a listen and dare disagree...

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  2. Kasey Said,

    god, this is so well written. i just listened to all the tracks on this band's website. that's immense. im glad i came upon this.


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